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Quality Control / After-sales Services

We can customize the way you need

Products are manufactured after establishing quality assurance and quality control system.
We verify the drawings with dimensional tolerances
and provide the products after strict inspection.


Quality ControlTOKYO SEISAKUSHO has installed more than 200 inspection equipment.
We carry out thorough inspection.

TOKYO SEISAKUSHO has installed an inspection equipment made by KEYENCE to carry out highly accurate inspections. If it is difficult to make accurate measurements with our current equipment, we will install a new inspection equipment to meet the demand.

We have developed our original inspection equipment that other companies do not have, such as " Nozzle flow rate" & "Vacuum pressure inspection device" that measures the flow rate and vacuum pressure, which are important for the function of vacuum nozzle. Throughout highly accurate inspection, we guarantee the quality above the standard.


Quality ControlQuality assurance by strict inspection in micro ranges.

Quality inspection standards differ depending upon the products.
To maintain high quality level, we create detailed drawings in advance
and by setting tolerance in the drawing, we are able to manufacture products with steady measures.

Moreover, we are continuously reviewing the production process so we can finish with high quality and convenience.

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  • 写真

Introducing the latest inspection equipment

A measuring instrument that is indispensable to the development and manufacturing process of doctor blades, which can record very thin "cross-sectional shape".
Micro precision measurement is essential so we installed to improve accuracy.

We interview customers for quality issues, then analyze with this microscope.

Shape measurement laser microscope
Measures "surface condition", "adhesion of foreign substance", and "roughness"
which are difficult to verify from the cross-sectional shape.


After ServiceImmediate response when trouble occurs
Distortion and bending are also fixed by our skilled professionals

If there are a problems such as damage, cutting failure, defects and etc. after delivery, we will cover the situation immediately. In-stock products will be shipped out as replacements, and if processing is required, we will do our best to solve the problem.

We will respond promptly so the customers' machine trouble will be shortened as much as possible. In addition, TOKYO SEISAKUSHO is also good at repairing distortion and bending of the blade edge which most polishing companies can not handle.


After Service100% customer satisfaction

We check customer's usage condition after delivery. We confirm if customers are satisfied and if there are any improvements we can add, we will update in the next production.

Customers require wide variety of goals, so we will listen to every needs, discuss with the manufacturing section, then draw out and propose the optimum product. We would like to offer products with 100% customer's satisfaction. We believe that follow-up after delivery is important and we will respond flexibly until the customer is satisfied.