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Offset Printing Machine Spare Parts

TS the best-in-class parts for offset printing machine is the
guarantee for high quality production

Covers all parts related to rotary printing press and customized
according to customer's specifications

  • Center Cone

    Center Cone

    High-precision concentricity, no blurring at right angle

    High speed heavy duty (Φ1m=1t) printing-paper-roll support parts. Durability is increased by improving the accuracy of surface roughness and reducing the resistance of the sliding part of the claw in the movable cone.

  • Light Weight Saw Blade Holder

    Light Weight Saw Blade Holder

    Light and strong duralumin saw blade holder

    Mechanical parts for printing machine. Light weight with high strength duralumin are used. Improves workability, shortens setup time and prevents injuries during installation.

    Click here for 3D animation.

  • Drag Roller

    Drag Roller
    Drag Roller
    Drag Roller

    Stabilizes paper pulling with strong grip

    Roller for pulling printing paper. Nip the trolley to stabilize the paper pull. The resin is embedded and simplifies the replacement work.


    φ230mm(For example, picture), etc.


  • Washing Pan

    Washing Pan

    Reduces the burden of cleaning large item

    Big Industrial washing pan. Make as your specifications and requirements.


    1450 x 2500 x 710 order made

    Click here for video.