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Gravure Printing Parts

Maximize the performance of your printing machines
with our skilled professionals

All manufacturing is in-house and under continuous
development with strict quality controls.
We offer many options to help you optimize your gravure printing quality.


Underscoring the excellence of the Doctor Blade

All processes from material selection to shipment are controlled by thorough inspections using microscopes.
Through continuous improvement and skill upgrades, only high quality doctor blades are provided

  • Selected Material

    Uniform accuracy is challenging to maintain even as we use select metals from Europe. Nevertheless with few impurities our materials are optimal for upholding dimensional tolerance.

  • Wide Experience Technology

    A smooth cutting edge is achieved for TS Doctor Blades by using a proprietary finishing machine

  • Ceramic Plating

    From design to plating to testing all processes are developed and performed in-house

  • Precise Inspection

    Because the tiniest-scale attributes count, the TS Doctor Blade is 100% inspected prior to release.


TS Doctor Blade types

  • TS Doctor Blade (SiC) M type
  • TS Doctor Blade (SiC) S type
  • TS Doctor Blade (SiC) M type

    TS Doctor Blade (SiC) M type

    The M type is durable and ideal for maintaining even contact with the cylinder


  • TS Doctor Blade (SiC) S type

    TS Doctor Blade (SiC) S type

    The original model of the TS Doctor Blade, the S type uses smaller particle material plating


  • TS Doctor Blade Partial Plating type
  • TSドクターブレード(SiC) 低硬度
  • TS Doctor Blade Partial Plating type

    TS Doctor Blade Partial Plating type

    Only the blade tip is plated leading to improved durability compared to the standard steel type.


  • TS Doctor Blade (SiC) Full Plating type

    TS Doctor Blade (SiC) Full Plating type

    Offers the most durability and flexibility in the most robust printing environments. The full coat is composed of our small particle, S-type plating
    (HV750 or less)


  • TS Doctor Blade QROWT type

    TS Doctor Blade QROWT type

    A highly durable steel blade, this is widely used for white and pearl inks.


  • TS Doctor Blade Steel type

    TS Doctor Blade Steel type

    Our version of the most widely used doctor blade, it is made from selected Swedish ores


TS Doctor Blade Chart

Accessories offered in support of excellent printing quality.


One Touch Doctor Holder

For easy installation of doctor blades

Secured by one pin, eliminates the need for multiple bolts, and reduces mounting errors and down time
The surface of this blade holder is specially treated with a scratch and stain-resistant solution which also reduces the adhesion of excess sink and makes for easier cleaning

How to Install

Single lever installation and reinstallation eliminates the need for bolting, doctor blade measurement, and back up plate adjustment. The shape is simplified for easy cleaning. We can customize this blade holder per your request to optimize it for your environment.

To set the doctor blade and back up plate, position them according to the positioning pin shown in the above center.

Locking down the lever secures the doctor blade and holder firmly in place.


TS Backup Plate

Promotes even ink scraping pressure and reduces printings defects

The backup plate houses the doctor blade in the holder, all of which forms one unit scraping excess ink off the cylinder. In addition to being able to change the thickness and height, adding plating also has a rust preventive effect.

How to Install

A backup plate with warps and bends unevenly distributes blade pressure which distorts contact with the cylinder and shortens blade life

Our back up plates are excellent not only for blade stability but also for easy blade mounting. A TS Doctor Blade mounted in our blade holder is the ideal setup that ensures even blade to cylinder contact

Please use the high-precision TS Doctor Blade together with the high-precision TS Backup Plate.

  • Feeding Cone

    Feeding Cone

    High-precision polishing prevents cylinder runout

    Holds the cylinder of a gravure printing machine from both sides and rotates it.
    The highly accurate inner and outer diameter polishing prevents runout of the cylinder.
    It is possible to customize the taper angle and size, select a material with excellent resistance, and perform surface treatment that is highly effective in preventing rust and stains.

  • Winding Cone

    Winding Cone

    Achieves smooth and highly accurate paper feeding and discharging

    This is a part that presses and rotates the original paper tube from both sides, and is used for the paper feed and output sections of gravure printing machines. It can be manufactured with materials and shapes that have excellent wear resistance and grip.

  • Saw Blade/Knife

    Saw Blade/Knife
    Saw Blade/Knife

    Based on customer's needs, we manufacture fine pitches, surface treatments, shape of edges, and even for single piece order. Maximum length up to 2000mm is available.

  • Flexible Packaging Knives

    Flexible Packaging Knives

    Various knives such as cutting knives, slitting knives with various kind of straight cutters, circular knives are available. Customize shapes and materials are available.

  • Blade Protection Cover

    Blade Protection Cover
    Blade Protection Cover
    Blade Protection Cover

    It is used to protect the cover firmly and does not damage the blades, also improve safety when installing to the prepared doctor holders. It is easy to put on and take off and available for various materials and magnet type.

  • Doctor Cutman

    Doctor Cutman

    A cutting tool that cuts a roll-shaped doctor blade to a specified length.
    Cutting safety without burrs, easy to set up the length by stopper and scale.

  • Ink Filter

    Ink Filter

    Troubles of doctor blades are mainly caused by mixing foreign substances, so it is important to filter inks. Size meshes (# 120-250) with customizable grain roughness and dimensions can reduce printing defects.

  • Convenient Doctor Holder Rack

    Convenient Doctor Holder Rack
    Convenient Doctor Holder Rack

    A rack to keep doctor holders, impression cylinder rolls, finisher rolls, etc.

  • Slitter Cutter

    Slitter Cutter

    A blade that slits the original fabric or film after printing to a specified width.
    There are two types of razor blades: a disposable ""steel"" and a ""carbide type"" that has excellent wear resistance.

  • Other Cutters and Knives

    Other Cutters and Knives
    Other Cutters and Knives

    Compatible with various shapes and materials.
    Food packaging and film bag saw-cut knives.
    It corresponds to the saw blade shape and V notch shape. Long life is achieved by selecting an R shape and material that requires cylindrical polishing and then applying surface treatment.