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About Tokyo Seisakusho

Where should I contact regarding machine parts?
Please ask us on our inquiry form.
We will correspond to you soon.
Is it possible visiting TOKYO SEISAKUCHO factory?
Yes. Please ask us on our inquiry form in advance.
We will correspond to you soon.
Is it possible to have an online meeting?
Zoom,WebEx,and Microsoft Teams are available.

About Customization

What kind of customization is possible?
First we will check your request and propose the most suitable customization method.
What are the benefits of customizing?
We will support to improve the quality of your product.
We will challenge long life, high quality and improvement of work efficiency.
What will be the flow for customization.
1 - Interview customer
2 - Propose customizing process
3 - Issue drawing and quotation
4 - Manufacture
5 - Delivery
How much is the cost and time for customization?
Cost and lead time will be different depending upon contents and condition.
We will present a quotation including lead time.
Is it possible to improve the environment of the machine itself?
Our experienced staff can propose a better idea. Please ask us anytime.

About Our Products

What kinds of products can TOKYO SEISAKUSHO support?
Our main products are industrial printing machine's blades and parts.
Can you manufacture with the same specifications as the maker original product?
We also handle many build-to-order products.
We will answer you whether if we can manufacture or not.
Is it possible to manufacture products other than those listed on this homepage?
Contact us for any kind of product.
Is it possible to produce a new part that matches the machine?
After hearing your current problem, we will propose the optimum product for your machine.
Can you manufacture more high durability products than now?
We will propose from various point of view, such as
material, heat-treatment hardness and surface treatment.

About Quality Control & After-sales Services

How do you guarantee the quality when a new product is made?
We will provide high quality products, by comparing and inspecting each drawing's tolerance range.
What kind of inspection do you do before suppling the product?
Depending upon the product's shape and material, inspection process is different.
"For example : High-accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine, Vickers hardness tester, Rockwell hardness-tester, Surface roughness tester, Microscope"
How will you hand defects after delivering?
Even though the product is according to the drawing, there are some cases which will not suit the customer's usage condition. If so, please contact us. We will respond promptly to resolve the problem.
Is it possible to improve and adjust the part after delivery?
Adjusting with you factory environment is maybe required afterwards, we prioritize your demand.


Is the business area around the world?
Yes, everywhere in Japan and foreign countries.
For foreign countries, please check our overseas networks page.
Is it possible to manufacture products other than printing products?
We have more than 200 tools manufacturing units. Please consult us anytime.